The Peninsula Power Washers Safety Policy

Peninsula Power Washers Inc. is committed to a strong Health and Safety Program that protects its employees, contractors, customers, clients, the public, and property from accidents and/or incidents occurring on our projects.

We believe that all accidents are preventable; our goal is ZERO accidents.

Active participation at all levels will ensure that our goal can be achieved Peninsula Power Washers Inc endeavours to provide proper and relevant employee training, job specific safe work practices, personal protection equipment (PPE), operations and maintenance procedures, and safety guidelines. Our aim is to focus awareness of management, employees and contractors on reducing the risk of accidents and/or incidents in all activities. Peninsula Power Washers Inc, contractor employers, and contractor employees are responsible for fully complying with all health and safety standards and regulations, including the Workers’ Compensation Act, and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations (the “OHS Regulation”).

Cooperation with management in the implementation of the Health and Safety Program, worksite inspections, incident investigations, and the continuous improvement of this program is implicit. Peninsula Power Washers Inc is committed to safe and sustainable practices in all aspects of our operations and therefore will review and update our safety program on a yearly basis to adapt to industry changes, trends, and requirements. Peninsula Power Washers Inc management, contractor management, and all employees are collectively responsible to ensure compliance with local government, occupational health, safety and environmental regulations.

1. A healthy and safe workplace is of major importance

By practicing safe work procedures, keeping fit, and working toward preventing accidents we can improve morale, reduce pain and suffering, and build pride in our workplace.

2. Occupational Health and Safety rules and regulations MUST be followed

All contractors and employees must follow and obey the Occupational Health and Safety rules and regulations, and they must ensure all personnel follow the Company’s regulations and the Workers’ Compensation Act.

3. Health and Safety management systems are regularly reviewed

Our health and safety management systems including quality assurance systems and compliance with external audits following the WorkSafeBC guidelines are regularly updated to ensure we understand enforce health and safety policies, and promote a positive health and safety culture throughout our company

4. Follow a strict Code of Conduct

Employees and Contractors should avoid offending, participating in serious disputes and disrupting our workplace. We also expect them to foster a well-organized, respectful and collaborative environment. Peninsula Power Washers does not allow any kind of discriminatory behavior, harassment or victimization. Employees and contractors need to conform with our equal opportunity policy in all aspects of their work, from recruitment and performance evaluation to interpersonal relations.